Sunday, January 2, 2011

Del Sol Color Changing Polishes - Holiday Editions

Del Sol polishes are so cool. When I saw swatches of Trick or Treat, I knew I had to have it. So I ordered that and the Christmas colors from eBay.

Indoor Bottle Colors: Holly Berry is a red base with red glitter, the bottle looks a lot like Ruby Pumps. Tinsel Toes looks like yellow glitter in a clear base. Silver Bells is interesting. It's a clear base with silver glitter, but swatched you can see little bits of red glitter thrown in. You don't see that in the bottle. Heartbreaker is a deeper red / maroon-ish color with lighter red and sparse amts of gold glitter mixed throughout. Lastly, Trick or Treat is an awesome orange holographic glitter. I ♥ this one.

Here they are swatched. Check out the bits of red in Silver Bells.

and in sunlight: Holly Berry turns a darker maroon-ish red glitter. Tinsel Toes transforms into an amazing red base with gold and red glitter showing through - this is so pretty!! Silver Bells turns into a gold glitter with red bits mixed throughout (cute!). Heartbreaker is now a purple base with the red and gold glitter showing throughout and lastly, Trick or Treat becomes a black base with holo glitter.

My Current NOTD is Ulta's Little Black Dress topped with Cover Girl's City Lights. This is my NYE mani, and after a couple of days it's still holding strong. So far, I'm liking the Ulta polishes. I picked up 4 this past weekend when they were B2G2.

Santa got me a new camera for Christmas, so all these picks were taken with the new one. I really love the Macro, it picks up great detail.

Thanks for looking!


  1. The Del Sol polishes look so awesome! One of these days I will have to find some of these! Love the NYE mani! Very sparkley and fun!

  2. Thank you! The Del Sols are fun, it's a good way to not get bored with the same mani for a couple of days cuz it's always changing colors ☺ I definitely prefer the glitters though.