Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wet n Wild Fergie: Heels of Steel

Heels of Steel is a black foil polish that leans a bit gunmetal gray. There was a cool pick of Fergie wearing a mani using Heels of Steel and Going Platinum together that I sooo want to recreate. In fact after Googling it, I found the pick. Check it out:

How hot is that mani?? And I love the pointy tips, I just don't think I could pull that look off. Here's 2 coats of Heels of Steel:

Thanks for looking!

OPI: German-icure by OPI

I ♥ this color!!! I have to say I'm very impressed with the Germany collection so far. I only picked up 4 colors, but the ones I got are just stunning. German-icure by OPI is the 2nd color I've worn so far. It is an awesome blackened red shimmer; this is one coat over black:

So, I decided to add one more pick of GBO, this is two coats worn by itself, but look how great the shimmer is in the sunlight. It's a very "glow from within" color.
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OPI: Diva of Geneva

I love a good polish deal, and boy did I get one on this polish. I grabbed this color with my Gosh haul at Big Lots....for $2. DOG (ha!) is a sheer reddish sorta purple shimmer. I guess it was from the Swiss collection a couple of years ago.

Here is one coat over black.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Nabi: #44 New Multi Glitter

Today I have a supercool new color to show off. I was so impressed with my Nabi magnetics, that I decided to try out a few of the glitters as well. This is #44 New Multi Glitter. Not a very creative name! It's packed full of super fine silver micro glitter with a mixture of large silver hexes and smaller hexes in pink, blue and silver all floating in a very sheer orange base. Very interesting mix. This is one coat over OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, August 17, 2012

You'll never believe this.....

I recently had the ultimate haul....yes, are you ready for this? Sit, down, cuz, I scored Gosh at Big Lots.....and not just any Gosh, but THREE bottles of Gosh Holographic!!!! For $2 each. Oh yeah, I hit the polish lottery. Behold:

Now, I had to really dig through almost 20 tubs of dirty cosmetics to find them, but I looked and it was worth it. I'll be swatching Holographic later this week....and I'll be giving away one of these bottles soon.

I picked up one other Gosh color, it's called Purple Heart. PH is a duochrome that flashes purple/grey to green. This is one coat over black. I did have a hard time capturing the really purple color, but if you check out this bottle shot, that's what you see on the nail.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wet n Wild Fergie: Hollywood Walk of Fame

I'm so bad, I've had this swatched for a while and I'm only just now getting to posting it! I used Fergusson Crest Syrah as the base, but I'll comment on that color later this week when I post it solo.

Hollywood Walk of Fame is multi colored star glitter in a clear base with a bit of silver micro bar glitter thrown into the mix. I really enjoyed wearing this combo, but after a couple of days, the points of the stars started to lift up and drive me crazy, so don't wear it for more than a couple of days 8-)

Thanks for looking!