Saturday, November 23, 2013

China Glaze Boo-gie Down

I know I'm a little late posting a Halloween color, but I haven't been really keeping up with the new collections this year. I just saw this sucker for the 1st time recently, and was lucky to find it on eBay. This is one layer of Boo-gie Down over Maybelline Cool Couture. I'm a sucker for crazy glitters, so yeah, I'm in love 8-)

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

OPI Movin' Out

Since this is my first post in quite some time, I knew I needed to make it a good one. So I've decided to show you OPI's Movin' Out. I started with a base of OPI's La Boheme. I used two coats with one layer of top coat.

Then I added one coat of Movin' Out (no top coat over Movin' Out). This lightened up the color to a pinkish purple, but added some amazing duochrome to the mix.

Super closeup here, but it really shows off the different colors nicely.

Thanks for looking!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Coupla random color combos

Here are two quick mani's I've been meaning to post:

The first combo here is China Glaze Grape Pop with two coats of Clarins 230 overtop. I think Grape Pop is just the right amount of bright for Clarins. Just check out the next two photos, they're both the same mani under different lighting/angles. Love!

Here's another angle, can you even believe it's the same mani?

The 2nd mani I wanted to show off is from a mini set of polishes I picked up at Sally's. The package says it's Color Club Winter Affair scented polish, but they are all un-named. It came with four colors, a blue, red and green with a multi colored flakie. Looking online, the flakie is called Snow-Flakes. What a great name!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, March 4, 2013

More layers please!

I am all about layering polishes lately, it seems like I'm never satisfied with just a nice cream anymore, I need shimmer or glitter to make me happy. I ADORE Germanicure by OPI, in fact, it's one of my favorite polishes, but I still felt the need to add some umph to it. Even though I wanted it give it a kick, I didn't want to totally distract from the awesomeness that is GBO, so I decided to add a layer of Pure Ice Heartbreaker....and wow! That did it, the perfect amount of umph. Check it out:

At certain angles, there is a hint of blue, and of course the signature green shimmer from Heartbreaker. ♥

Ok, so what do you think of the pairing? I say its a major WIN! LOL.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I like it, it has layers!

Ha ha, has anyone seen 7 Psychopaths? If so, I'm sure you recognize the name of the post. I adore Christopher Walken and I adore today's mani. It sort of happened by mistake, but sometimes my unintended experiments really work out for the best. LOL. This is a mixture of China Glaze Grape Pop, Pure Ice Heart Breaker and Color Club Snow Flakes. ♥

Here's a closeup. Grape Pop starts off with a nice base, but the addition of Heart Breaker makes it lend more towards a blue color. Topping that you get the colors of gold, green and yellow from Snow Flakes, while at the same time, the shimmer from Heart Breaker peeks through. This really is a very pretty mix and a new favorite. I'll be wearing this combo intentionally next time ;-)

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Studio M: Singles Only

I'm alive! ha ha and all moved into the new house...that is except that I have not unpacked any of my hobby stuff yet...including my polish. It took a while for my nails to grow back too, with all the moving and packing, I've been sporting nubbins for quite a while.

Today I'm wearing Wet n Wild Megalast "Haze of Love" with Studio M's "Singles Only" overtop. Singles Only is a sheer pink jelly with Silver hexes and small silver glitter mixed in. I'm not a pink polish lover, but I do wish the base was a bit more opaque, the pink was so sheer it may as well have been clear.

Thanks for looking!