Saturday, January 29, 2011

Too many layers? Never!

Do you every have one of those days when you take your time, pick your color and finish a manicure, but just aren't satisfied with the results? I started off with a nice blacked red color, Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Sparkling. Now I love me a good blackened fact that's probably my favorite nail shade.

Here it is:

Yes, pretty, but I needed something had no umph. So I added Ulta's Bombshell. I figured it'd add a little sparkle without changing the base color too much:

Ok, better, but it still wasn't doing it for me. So, I decided "when in doubt, add flakies". So I added a thin layer of Nfu Oh's 44 and Ok, awesome! Just look at the sparkles and flakie combo:


Now that's what I needed ☺
Thanks for looking!


  1. Thank you! I love the combo of Bombshell and Sparkling. They go so well together.

  2. Bombshell over Sparkling looks great--I might have to copy that. :) I miss Lacquer Shine; HD is okay, but it's no Lacquer Shine.

  3. Wow! Great combo! Sparkling looks great, but even better with the layers! Love the final result! As a side note: I thought your title said "Too Many Lawyers." Haha! You can never have too many lawyers or layers! :)