Friday, September 23, 2011

Wet n Wild Fastdry: Party of Five Glitters

When I first saw this color, I really didn't think I'd like it that much, but to my surprise, when I added a layer over Maybelline's Be Seen in Green, I really liked it. The glitter wasn't as dense as I expected, and it allowed the base color to remain the focal point.

This is one coat over Be Seen in Green:

So, is this a dupe to the Milani glitter? I don't own that one, but they seem to me like they'd be similar to each other. I'm thinking the glitter in the Milani color would be more dense though.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hey! Found your blog through Peach :) I have the same WnW color! I love that its not too overwhelming, it is great for layering. I hate "layering" things and then not being able to show the base polish color.

  2. I have Party of Five Glitters, but still haven't wore it yet. Love how this looks over the green base! Maybe I'll have to pull it out this weekend and use it!

  3. It is NOT a dupe to the Milani Gems, as Gems has orange and yellow in it... but it's close! I LOVE frankening with the two of them!

  4. RoboZelda: welcome! I was surprised when I layered it, I'm pretty happy with the results

    Peach: Ooh, post picks if you do.

    Nailaholic: Thanks for the frankening idea! I've been getting the franken bug lately and this would be a great one to play with!