Saturday, September 24, 2011

Maybelline Express Finish: Purple Trend

This is another of those limited edition Maybellines. This is called Purple Trend and it's a raisin-y purple with the same teal shimmer as Cool Couture. The shimmer on this one is a bit less noticeable, you can only really see it in direct sunlight.

I think you can pick up more of the shimmer in this pick:

Thanks for looking!


  1. Looks pretty! I've kind of shyed away from Maybelline polishes here recently since the last one I bought was such a disappointment :(

  2. I passed on this one because it was more of a brown to me than purple. Also, because the shimmer not so obvious!


  3. Peach: Yeah, the only other Maybellines I have are the old ones with the gold caps 8-) I really liked these colors though, maybe they'll keep it up.

    Alexisaurus: Yeah, the shimmer even with sunlight isn't too prominent, not like Cool Couture. I was a bit disappointed about that, but I still like it.

  4. It's pretty because of the shimmer, but I would probably only wear it if it could be sen all the time. :( Great swatches!