Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Solstice Scents

The first time I heard of Solstice Scents was from reading this post on Just Peachy. I was really interested in trying out some of the perfumes after reading her descriptions of them. So after following the link, I discovered they have an amazing website too, I love the little story and description of each different fragrance and the photos of the products are so cool...I just dig the whole atmosphere.

I placed my order Thursday night around 10pm and it arrived the following Monday. Look at the cute packaging, very autumn / harvest. I love the little moss and pumpkins on top.:

I ordered 2 Whipped Soaps in the scent Savannah. They come in a nice sealed cobalt blue jar. This was their Deal of the Day and it was $2 off the regular price. I ordered them as Christmas gifts, but I'm dying to smell them!

What I really wanted to order for myself were perfume samples, so I chose the set of three. Each order also comes with a free sample, but what I didn't realize until after I already placed my order, if they tell them it is your 1st order, they give you one more free sample.

So far on initial sniff, I'm in love with all of them! I'll just have to see how they smell when I actually wear them. I'll be posting reviews soon.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Yay! I just got my 3rd order yesterday! I have to say the body oil/mist (forget what they are called) is amazing! I got it in Harvest Moon and am in love! I'm also loving Manor right now too! These have to be my favorite fall scents ever!

  2. Ooh, I'll have to try the body mist too. I know I want the Cenobite in a full size. I'm going to try Spellbound Woods tomorrow :) Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I love the packaging and I love the names! I can't wait foe your reviews!