Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maybelline Express Finish: Khaki Fringe

Green! I almost passed this one by until I saw a post on MUA swatching the color. I don't know why it didn't impress me in the store, maybe the florescent light made it look different? I'm just glad the Dollar Tree still had one when I went back for it. Like Purple Rage, this one has a kind of frost / shimmer finish.



Thanks for looking!


  1. Very pretty color! Another great find at the $1 store!

  2. I have never gotten lucky at Dollar Tree! All the colors we get are beyond gross. Never anything cool like I see other people finding!

  3. I've been pretty lucky with the Maybelline's. I really found them all at once like 2yrs ago. They usually don't have anything great, you just gotta keep looking ☺