Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lancome Midnight Gleam + chunky holos

Midnight Gleam is one of my pet peeve vampys. Looks black except in direct sunlight. In the sun you get an awesome blue shimmer. So I don't wear this one much....but it's good for layering.

Sunlight = blue shimmer

Shade = black

So, I decided to layer over it. I used Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell except I used Chunky Holo Black on the ring finger. Black is my favorite of the the Chunky Holos, look how awesome it is! I may need a backup!!


Shade: look at the amazing duchrome!!

Thanks for looking!


  1. *gasp* Look at your ring finger - it's perfection! LOVE this.

  2. That's kind of a bummer that you paid so much for a polish you don't like. :( At least you get some use out of it!

  3. So pretty! Love the accent finger! What a great combination of top coats!

  4. @A Polished Touch: Thanks! I LOVE Chunky Holo Black. It's my favorite!

    @thenailaholic: luckily I had gotten it at an outlet store for not a lot of $$ so I don't feel too bad about it ☺