Friday, June 10, 2011

Borghese: Stellare Notte - layerd mani fail

So I started with 2 coats of Stellare Notte. I'm sorry to say I was bored by it....these was no umph. I felt it needed to be dressed up a bit. I seem to need to add glitter to everything lately. in an effort to change things up a bit without glitter, I added a layer of LA Color's Enchanting....and nope, didn't like this any better. It was just dull.

so I decided to add a layer of Cover Girl's crackle polish in Ghost overtop....and fail! I think it was the humid weather that day, but it just kind of buckled instead of cracked.

Blech, mani fail! I ended up removing it and starting over...I hate when that happens ☺

Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh no! You know what, I'm happy to hear you're not the only one who wasn't wowed by Stellar Notte. I thought this was going to be an amazing duochrome only to find it pretty dull and boring.

  2. oh man that ghost crackle actually made ghost faces freaky!!! :P

    I rather liked the look after L.A. Colors Enchanting though!

  3. I liked it before the crackle... WTH even happened with that? I've NEVER seen anything like it!

  4. @StardustStephanie: Good to hear of another person who didn't love Stellar Notte. At least there are two of us out there ☺

    @Loodie & thenailholic: Isn't that crackle crazy? Wait till you see how wierd the Kleancolor one came out. Humidity + crackle polish = Fail