Friday, April 15, 2011

Some Milani's

I'm testing out my new nail wheels, so here are some Milani's. These were all taken with my Jansjö lamp from Ikea. I have to say I like these wheels so much better, the other ones are so fragile....these are more durable.

One Coat Glitters:


and random colors:

Thanks for looking!


  1. These look good!
    Where did you get them? And also, are they reusable?

  2. love all the colors! makes me want to go buy more!

  3. those colors are all so pretty :)

  4. Gorgeous colors!
    It will help me to choose next time I'll order!

  5. Thanks ☺ I really love the glitters, it took me forever to find the red one....which of course is the one I wanted most of all. LOL.

    Chaos Butterfly: I got the wheels from eBay. They were about $12 for 30, shipped from Singapore. The sellers name is kailai_up. HTH!