Monday, December 27, 2010

Wet n Wild: Glitz and Glam pt 1

I guess these would be considered New Year's colors with names like Midnight and Tipsy? They're from the Glitz and Glam collection.

Midnight is definitely a relative of Wild Orchid. Although it's not the same shade, it's close. It's a blurple color with the same holo glitter as Wild Orchid. Ooh, I should do a comparison....I smell a future post coming on.....

Now Tipsy is a clear base with gold-ish coppery micro glitter. Gold glitter is very IN this year, huh? I really like that most golds this season are a warmer shade. That's more my style.

and here we have Tipsy by itself and layered over my favorite base, Femme Noir. I love how fine the glitter is:

I love the combo of Femme Noir with the gold glitter.
Thanks for looking!


  1. I like the purple alot! I am a sucker for anything holo

  2. Love both of them :) thanks for sharing it..

  3. I co-sign with toesthattwinkle! Both are gorgeous.

  4. Midnight looks awesome! Tipsy is a rather sheer color, isn't it?! Love it over Femme Noir!

  5. I wish I could find that here! :( I love it!!!

  6. I wish we had those here, they are gorgeous :)

    xo Christine

  7. I found them at Rite Aid if that helps. I adore Tipsy, I think it's my favorite. I love how fine the glitter is in it ♥