Saturday, December 18, 2010

Essence: Choose Me

Another Ulta find here and my 1st Essence color. I wish Ulta would get the magnetics though....sigh. I do have 2 Loreal's and one Lancome magnetic, but more is always better. Those just do the star pattern, the Essence's have a cool magnet that does a bar effect. Magnetic polish just rocks.....

Anyways, on to the color at hand. Choose Me is a teal-ish blue color with glass flecks:

and swatched. You can really see the glass flecks. The bottle color shows a bit darker. I wonder if this one would look ok layered over a darker teal/blue? Hmm.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I have this polish too and I love it!!

    Great purchase!

  2. Love that colour, very festive xxx

  3. I really loveee this color! It's by far my favorite essence shade.

  4. gorgeous colour and great for the holidays! xx

  5. I love how visible the glass flecks are in this color, it's makes you want to keep looking down at your nails ♥