Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let it Snow(men) pt 2

Ah, I've saved some of the best for last here. This Snowman is a blue foil color that I found at Rite Aid. It can be a one coater if you apply carefully, excellent coverage on this one and amazing pretty:

Here's a good closeup:

The base color on this one is clear mixed with red micro glitter:

It's a bit too shear to wear on it's own, which surprised me. Looking at the bottle, I thought it would be like Ruby Pumps..but not so much. Still nice though, so I of course layered it over Femme Noir:

And my last snowman is a clear base mixed with regular sized silver holo glitter:

This one can be worn in it's own if you layer up enough (make sure to use the foil method to remove it), but it's also sheer enough to layer over another color....yes, Femme Noir again ☺ It's a chunky glitter, so you'll want to wear a top coat. I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails for this swatch.

Well, that's it' for my snowmen. They're so festive, yay Christmas!!


Thanks for looking!


  1. wow that blue color is so pretty <3

    xo Christine


  2. Love all of these colors! I agree, the blue foil is awesome! And I got a good laugh over the No "L"! :)

  3. These colours are all so pretty & festive!

  4. These are AMAZING! The packaging is amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Ha! "NO L"...that took me a while. Such a dumb blonde that I am! :) xxx

  5. Thanks, I love that Noel pick. A good friend of mine always wore a PIN of it on his winter jacket around Christmastime and it always made me laugh 8-)

    I really like the blue foil Snowman too!


  6. Nice pics :) I love the blue foil in particular!