Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Layering: win or epic fail?

Yesterday, I badly dented my Hue are You mani before it was dry...I hate it when that happens! So, to fix it without redoing the entire mani, I added a layer of Cover City Lights which is a silver holo glitter topcoat. I thought that made the color to too cool and I what I loved so much about the HAU is the warm tones. So on top of City Lights, I added a layer of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.

Here is the result....drum roll.....

Direct sunlight:

So far so good. Can't see any sign of the flakies. Here it is in shade:

The orange tones of HT really come through and warm it up. Here is an angle view:

My first thought was EPIC FAIL! Blach! and no time before work to fix it....but as the day wore on, I don't hate it. I think kinda like it...there's all sorts of stuff going on whenever I look down at them. What do you think???

Thanks for looking!

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