Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dollar Tree combo pack

I recently grabbed this combo pack from the Dollar Tree. The first color is Cover Girl Nail Slicks in Chocolate Mint. The bottle color is, well a chocolate brown color (I know, creative, huh?) with a mint green shimmer.

and here is a swatch..the shimmer is pretty noticeable in natural light, but not as much indoors:

Now this is the reason I bought the combo. This is Cover Girl Crackle polish in Jack-O-Lantern. The bottle color is a bright orange.

This is two coats over Jordana's Night Fall. I looks like the polish would just flake off, but it didn't. This is without a topcoat.

Thanks for looking!!


  1. AAAGGGHHHHH! I'm going to my Dollar Tree right now! Chocolate Mint was one of my first lemmings and I'm dying to get a crackle polish!

    Great post!

  2. This is big news. People have been talking about the old school crakle polish forever. Thank you so much!

  3. Oh, wow, I didn't realize the Crackles were that sought after! I actually picked up a 2nd combo pack of the Chocolate Mint / orange Crackle. I'll be doing a giveaway once I reach 100 followers and I'm including it as part of the prize package :)