Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OPI Holiday on Broadway

Sadly I only have two colors from this collection, but one day I hope to own them all ♥

I had so much fun with yesterdays popsicle stick swatches, that I decided to do two more.. This is La Boheme, one heavy coat over WnW Black Creme. Reds are definitely my favorite polish color and this one over black is just plain awesome. I'm not as thrilled with it on it's own though, I like the blacked look here better.

The next one is Movin' Out. I saw a post on MUA about this color and went and bought it off eBay the very same day. It's a very pretty duochrome, it flashes purple and green. Again, one coat over WnW Black Creme.

I hope the popsicle swatches aren't too boring! I really enjoy doing them 8-)


  1. La Boheme is one of my loves.
    OMG Moving out is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If I hadn't seen someone else swatch Movin' Out first, I would have never given it a 2nd glance. I love both colors, but La Boheme over black? Swoon!

  3. The popsicle stick swatch are AWESOME. Actually, I stopped using birchwood stick & starting using popsicle sticks after I saw the idea on here! MUCH easier to glue, and a lot less trouble with gluing fingers to artificial tips! o_O.

  4. Hi Lisa Joy, Thanks for the comment! I was hoping the popsicle swatches weren't too much. LOL. Glad you liked 'em 8-)