Sunday, June 13, 2010

Toma Vibrant with Colorama Ruby Rays

So today's NOTD is inspired by tonight's True Blood premier:

I picked up this Toma from a dusty last weekend, and I have nothing but raves for it. The formula and brush were awesome and application was a breeze. I topped it with Colorama's Ruby Rays, which is my favorite flakie color, especially when layered over a deep red. It flashes orange and green.

I think I need a Ruby Rays backup. I was eyeballing Nfu Oh 44, they seem similar to me. Does anyone have both? I think I need more flakies in my life!


  1. This is so pretty!
    Sadly I don't own any coloramas or Tomas...and I don't have that Nfu-Oh either. :( But I'm in love w/ most of my Nfu-OH flakies. :)

  2. I know, I just love this combo 8-) I have 2 Nfu Oh flakies (40 and 51) so I'd love to add another couple to the family ♥ The only other flakies I have are 3 more Coloramas and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. The bummer about the Coloramas is that everytime you use them, it uses so much of the product (you can see it go down with every use) and the bottles are very small to begin with....


  3. That's beautiful! I don't have any flakies at all :(