Friday, July 15, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects #230 Skinny Jeans

I've worn these SH Salon Effects nail strips before, and I decided to give Skinny Jeans a try. The 1st ones I tried were easy as pie to apply and lasted about 5 days or so before I took them off. These were not as good as the previous box. You can see around the cuticle, I had a bit of a hard time getting them to look perfect, and these had tip wear in a day.

Enlarge pick to see details, especially around cuticle:

Now with my 1st pair, I used both foil packs and with this one I cut them in half so I could get 2 mani's out of it. I'm still willing to give them a try, I have the cute pink camo and leopard ones that I haven't tried yet.

Anyone else have good/bad experiences with them?

Thanks for looking!!


  1. These are cute! I tried the Broadway nail wraps (or whatever they are called) and had bad luck with them. So I've decided not to try the Sally Hansen ones. But they do have so many cute designs!