Monday, February 28, 2011

Franken Preview! Clarins 230 - Updated

Edit: 2-28-11

STILL waiting for the sun to appear at a time when i can take pictures. I tried using my OTT light, but it just doesn't want to pick up the colors. Here's the best pick I could get w/artificial light:

and a couple of bottle picks:

Unfortunately, I don't think the Colorama is condensed enough to do a proper 230 dupe. But I'm going to reserve final judgment until I can get good sunlight picks.


So, earlier I hinted I had a cool franken coming up....well, when I hit Colorama jackpot the other weekend, I was able to score a bottle of #40 Frosty Pink. FP has the same color shifting pigment found in Clarins 230.

I'm going to do a full post later this week, I want to wait until I get some sunlight to take proper photos, but here's a quick bottle pick.


Thanks for looking!


  1. holy moly *runs off to search for frosty pink*

  2. Oh wow, can´t wait to see the result on your nails!!

  3. Woah, looks great in the bottle already! Curious how that'll look on your nails :)

  4. Thanks, I hope I get some sun today so I can see the real effect!!

  5. Oh! This is exceptionally GORGEOUS!! I've never had the pleasure to see the "real" thing in person, but this looks pretty amazing to me!!

    I am new to your blog, please forgive me if this question is taboo and just ignore it, but are you willing to share what you mixed to achieve this lovely color?

  6. Hi SoapDoc. Of course, there is a recipe on the MUA message boards that I used. I mixed an entire Colorama #40 Frosty Pink with 25% OPI Vodka and Caviar, 25% OPI Keys to my Karma, 25% China Glaze Grape Pop, and 25% Wet and Wild Nocturnal.

  7. Thank you SO much! Sorry for the noob question but I am way late jumping on the polish bandwagon and have lots to learn!

    I've missed out on a TON of awesomeness.....I hope perhaps some of them will be released again (fingers crossed!)