Saturday, February 19, 2011

Colarama Spam: Part 1

These four are some of the top coats, each color is one coat over WnW Nocturnal:

1st one is called Lemon Twist. This one didnt' have a number, next is #24 Gold Wash, #35 Cold as Ice and #45 Blazes of Blue.

The next color is #190 Gold Lights:

This is #108 Blueberry Surprise

#120 Lilac Freeze over Blueberry Surprise:

There are some fun shades in the Colorama family ☺ These were packaged in three's. What's nice about that is that I'd occasionally get a color that I wouldn't have normally picked makes me try new things ☺

I'll have more Colorama's later this week.
Thanks for looking!

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