Sunday, February 27, 2011

Catherine Arley holo week!

I ordered my CA's from BeautyCosmetic.Biz. Now before you go running off and buying them all, I feel I have to say - do an MUA board search first. Although all of my polishes have arrived safely, not everyone who ordered was so lucky.

Each polish was packed in a Catherine Arley box which was packed in a larger box. One my the bottles what was packed upside down did get chipped and the other had some polish leak out around the rim, but both weren't that bad.

All this week, I'll be posting my Catherine Arley holo swatches (in numerical order). All of the polishes have numbers instead of names.

First up is #667. This is the one that was chipped during shipping. This color has one of the strong holo effects of the entire bunch. 667 is a gray holo.

This is daylight, but no sun:

#669 is a light champagne color:

and no-sun daylight:

Thanks for looking!


  1. They're so great!
    But shipping cost is so high )=

  2. Ew, that's so cheap of them. They really couldn't spare another box for those bottles? Booo.

    Gorgeous color though!

  3. Yeah, packaging sucked, but luckily everything arrived ok. They were worth the wait ♥