Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stash Picks

So, I decided to post some picks of my current stash. Right now, I'm using racks, but I'm feeling the Helmer / Melmer calling. I love the racks because I like to be able to look at my collection, but I don't have the room to add more....and I'm outgrowing them fast! If I do get a Helmer, I always could display my favorites and rotate them from time to time....Does anyone have a Helmer? What do you think of it?

Here are all four (you can click each pick for a closeup):

Rack #1: China Glaze, OPI, Nichole by OPI, Zoya, Nubar, Color Club, Missani/Studio M and Diamond Cosmetics:

Rack #2: SH Opals, Milani, SH Prisms, PHD, Bloom, Mbe Cosmetics, Ulta, Pure Ice, Revlon Dark Pleasures, Orly, Sinful Colors, Loreal Star Magnets, Lancome, Toma, SH Rockstar Pink, Nina Ultra Pro, Borghese, Clare's Moodies and LA Colors:

Rack #3: Sally Hansen, Colorama Flakies, SH Hidden Treasure, Nfu Oh, Cover Girl, Tropical Manicure, random colors, Chelsea, Jade, random colors, NDB, Del Sol, Wet and Wild, Sally Hansen, Stevie Nicks pin :), SH Insta Dri, Avon and Random colors for frankening:

Rack #4: Maybelline Aluminums, Maybelline Blackened, Halloween polishes, Maybelline Mattes, Maybelline Express Finish, Instant Artificials, Art Deco stripers and random top and base coats:

Here are some frankens, Konad, Ballz, and glitters and foils:


  1. I like racks the best and WOW do you sure fill some racks. :)

    In case you haven't entered, I'm having a new giveaway:

  2. *blushes* awe, thanks Susie! Mmmm, I'll have to check out your giveaway, thanks for the heads up!

  3. I love stash pics! :) I like racks cause you can display and actually look at your pretties but then again I only have Helmers ...LOL
    Nice stash.

  4. Thanks, I'm glad you liked the racks! How do you like your Helmers? I'm thinking of getting one...I've just about outgrown these.

  5. I have 3 Helmers & love them ... once you start getting into the hundreds of bottles, I think they are the best option unless you have a ton of space for racks (because I did use to love looking at all mine out too!)