Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Del Sol Color Changing Polishes pt 2

Here are the last two Del Sol colors I picked up. This one is called Calypso and besides Ruby Slipper, it's the 2nd most noticeable changer in the group.

It's a light frosty pink indoors and outside it changes into a kick butt purple. I'm not a lover of pinks, but the purple side of it rocks!

And last, but not least is Rockstar:

Indoors, it's a blue glitter and outdoors, it turns into a teal glitter. In person, the color definitely changes, but it's not as dramatic as the others.

Here another look at all four, left to right: Ruby Slipper; Calypso; Rockstar; Superhero. The top is indoors and bottom outdoors:

Random cruise pick, just for fun:

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