Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dollar Tree Maybellines 2

Here are two more of the DT Maybelline swatches I have ready. This is Bonfire. The bottle color is a bright orange-ish red color with a bit of gold shimmer:

This is one heavy coat layered over WnW Black Creme. I definitely prefer it over black. It's just too bright for me on it's own, the black mutes it somewhat and I like it so much more that way.

This color is called Red Hot. This one is interesting. The bottle color shows a very bright red color with some gold-ish particles...not glitter...kind like flecks in the color.

Now over black, it takes on a more maroon color. Notice the flecks? Very pretty! This is one layer over WnW Black Creme.

I hope you're all not bored with more popsicle stick swatches, cuz I have more to post soon :)

Thanks for looking!

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