Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nabi: #60 New Gold Glitter

My 1st ever concert was in 1990 and I saw Faster Pussycat and Motley Crue on the Dr. Feelgood tour, and tonight I have tickets to see Motley Crue open for Kiss. I haven't seen them since my 1st show, so I'm pretty excited. This means I need some bling for the nails, so I decided to wear Nabi #60, New Gold Glitter.

NGG is a mixture of gold irregular shaped glitter, skinny holo bar glitter and bits of tiny red hexes. Unfortunately, I had the bright idea to sear this over Orly Buried Alive and the Nabi glitter just gets swallowed up in it.

Here's a closeup:

and I thought it best to show off the Nabi solo as well. I'm not sure what color would be the best base for it, but definitely something brighter and more subtle than Buried Alive:

Thanks for looking!


  1. The gold on black is beautiful, like golden cream in an expensive espresso.