Monday, June 25, 2012

Coupla Prevail Comparisons

So the first two I'm comparing are Massini (Color Club) Fashion Addict with Prevail Concrete Jungle. Both are pale pink scattered holos and looking at the picks are pretty dead on dupes for each other. I know my middle finger looks a bit more pink than the others, but believe, me when wearing them, you can't tell the difference at all.

Next up we have Color Club Revvvolution and Prevail Glitz and Glamour. These two are pretty darn close to identical too. Prevail's color is a bit more black than the Color Club, but I only used two coats. I bet at three you wouldn't be able to tell any difference. Just like the two pinks, when wearing them, you really can't see a difference between the two.

So I'd say the two different sets are definitely dupes of each other, the Prevail's are a bit more pigmented, but you can really only see the difference in photos. When worn on the nail, they look identical.

Thanks for looking!

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