Monday, February 13, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix: You Move Me

I have another brown magnetic polish to show off today, You Move Me from China Glaze. I used only one coat of color overtop OPI Nail Envy and the China Glaze star magnet....and wow! I've never gotten such a vibrant star pattern before, and they look soooo cool in person! I put this one Saturday and I may never take it off ♥

Thanks for looking!


  1. LOL I felt just like you, when I tried mine - also with the Cling On, that also is really great with the star magnet :)

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  3. I love the star magnet! I'm glad CG released one-- I was getting tired of stripes!

  4. Marias: Oh, I agree, Cling On is great too. I need to do a post using that color....what design should I try?

    Maria: Thank you for following my blog ♥

    Lindsey: I had the star pattern with the Loreal's and Lancome colors, but the design on the China Glaze is much larger so it covers the whole nail and I think the magnet is stronger too ☺ Win!

  5. What design for Cling On, I did the star on my blog, so you can get an idea what that looks like, if you take a peak, I suspect that all the patterns will work great with both Cling On and You Move Me...

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