Wednesday, August 31, 2011

SpectraFlair holo frankens

So I thought it would be nice to showcase all of my SpectraFlair frankens in one post. I know I've been SF crazy for a while, so I promise I'll give it a rest for a bit after this.

This is my holo topcoat franken I named Starshine:

A W E S O M E over black!

Here is my black holo named Black Cat:

This is my un-named blue franken from the other day:

and these I haven't posted yet. This is a dark purple color, bordering on blurple. It shows much lighter in the swatch then IRL. I haven't named this one yet:

and lastly my attempt at a red franken. It's a bit too pink for me, so I may play with it a bit. I like how the holo effect shows blue in this one. This is also un-named so far:

and that's all of 'em for now. I have one bottle with clear and some pigment in it waiting for me to be inspired. This was all made with only one gram of pigment, and I still have more left in the bag, probably 2 or more frankens worth. I wonder if I should be added a bit more pigment to some of them?

Thanks for looking!


  1. These are sooo cool! :D I love the last one, the red, because of the blue!

    I follow your blog now for a pretty long time and maybe you followed mine on Melaniesnailpolish (The Color Palette), but I moved to a new blog that fits my ideas. Maybe you would like to take a look at
    Maybe I see you there :)

  2. Wow these are gorgeous. I have played around a bit with SF but I've only made a topcoat and a tealy green one. I better get frankening!

  3. Replies
    1. I used the fine grade. I'd like to pick up some of the coarse grade, but haven't done it yet. Seeing this post makes me want to franken more holos!!