Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Holo Franken: Black Cat

So is anybody else in the Halloween spirit? I can't wait for September so I can start decorating!!! ha ha. I just got in my SpectraFlair pigment and the 1st holo I wanted to make is a black (ala My Private Jet). I was trying to come up with a cute name for it....I'm lousy at franken I decided it give it a Halloween touch and name it Black Cat.

I used Wet and Wild Black Creme, clear and SpectraFlair.

It's so holo-y!!

I'm very pleased with the results. For great SpectraFlair frankening tips, please visit More Nail Polish. I used her straw technique and instructions at the bottom of the post.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Yum! This turned out so pretty, black holos are to die for!

  2. Thanks! I was surprised how easy it was to franken with the SF pigment. I ♥ the results!!!

  3. I wish I could my grubby paws on some spectraflair!!! :)

  4. Awesome color! I am ready for fall and Halloween also! I can't wait for all the Halloween collections to come out!

  5. Looks great, I really love the name you gave it!

  6. Emma: you can still get the pigment, here's a link:

    Peach: Thanks! I'm so ready, I almost deocrated my blog in a Halloween theme last night, but I'm making myself wait a bit! LOL.

    rock-or-not and Kitties26: Thanks! I love the color and I'm actually pretty happy with the name too! I have a blue one to show next and it's still un-named. I'm so uncreative when it comes to naming frankens....