Friday, November 12, 2010

Rimmel: Purple Rain + Milani: Purple Outline

Rimmel's Purple Rain is a dark purple jelly. After two coats it looked black. Now, I love me a good vampy, but what's with all these new ones looking black? I mean whats the point of wearing them if you can't tell it's supposed to purple or red?

Ok, I feel better now, sorry for the rant there! But anyways, I wanted to add something to it to bright it up a bit. So, I added a layer of the Milani striper Purple Outline overtop. PO is a bright purple glitter with sparse amounts of blue mixed in. Now, in my opinion, Purple Outline should have been named Purple Rain because it's definitely a Prince purple!

Check out the bottle pick:

and here it is on the nail:

Mega closeup:

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow!Purple Outline is full of beautiful glitter! That sucks that Purple Rain looked black after two coats :(

  2. Hi Peach, Yeah, I really like Purple Outline too. Sorry about the vampy rant LOL. The same thing happened with a bunch of the Avons I got, lovely colors, but look black on the nail after 2 coats....grr!

  3. I hate when polishes are too dark, I like them to actually look like colors, silly me! haha. But that is a phenomenal combination, I love it! I'd buy that polish :)

  4. I know, if it's supposed to be purple, I want to see purple...not black! ha ha.