Monday, November 1, 2010

China Glaze: Christmas Color preview

Ok, so I know in my last post I said I wasn't ready for Christmas mani's yet....but I just got some of the new CG colors from Sally's and I HAD to try them out. So I figured I'd do a little swatching preview....

I added 2 layers of Mistletoe Kisses over my Zombie Zest mani (hee hee, there's just something wrong about that combo!!). MK, the bottle color is a green with silver glitter, reminds me of a green version of Dorothy Who or Ruby Pumps, but the glitter is definitely silver:

And I just had to add 2 coats of Party Hearty over it. PH is the absolutely coolest holiday color ever! The bottle color has a mixture of silver and green micro glitter with larger red hex's so mistletoe-y. This color is so hot, I just had to show you two pictures.

Sorry, I promise not to jump holidays like that again, I just couldn't resist. I'm gonna have to think of some ideas for Thanksgiving manis.....

Thanks for looking!!


  1. Love it! I'm going to want to go check out the Christmas polishes! I promise to wait until after Thanksgiving...hope I can make it!

  2. I've been staring at mine too *drools* but I've been able to resist considering I haven't even used all of my Vintage Vixen collection yet!

  3. Peach, yes, snatch them up. I really love the CG Christmas colors this year! I wish Sally's would have the individual colors though, the ones I got were in gift packaging.

    Freshie, I'm proud, you will is stronger than mine! LOL.