Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sheba Orange Glitter - Re-Vamped

So, I guess you really can't call this a franken.... I started with Sheba's orange glitter polish. The Sheba color has a mixture of dark and lighter orange glitter in a clear base. Very pretty on it's own, but it kind of reminded me of Ick-A-Body. So I added some of the Fantasy Makers silver holo glitter to the mix (you can click on any pick for a closeup).

I LOVE the result!

This is super flashy in the sunlight, the photo looks more toned down than it does IRL.

And here's an uber closeup of the glitter.

This was two coats with one layer of Posh topcoat. Sheba is a local nail supply store, they sell online too , here's a link to their store. I've never bought from their online store before, so I can't vouch for it, but I have visited their physical store and they've been great in person.

Thanks for looking!


  1. So pretty! A great fall color! It does remind me of Ick-A-Body.

  2. Thanks! I like that it's reminiscent of Ick-A-Body, but with bling ☺ I'm really feeling the oranges this season.

  3. Hi, which orange glitter from Sheba did you use -- penny copper (lightest of all), dark copper, or burnt orange (darkest of all)?

  4. Yikes, I'm not sure. They don't have names on them....sorry! I would say probably the dark one though.