Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Nails - Spellbound

Today I attempted a gradient for the 1st time using Orly's Smudge Fixer. The base color is Confetti's Masquerade Ball. MB is a dark vampy brown-ish burgundy color. Then, I used China Glazes Spellbound topcoat. Spellbound is a mixture of round silver glitter, silver hex glitter, round orange glitter and orange hex glitter.

What you're supposed to do is wait until the base color is completely dry, then add a drop of the glitter color at the base. Wait approx 15-20 seconds and use the Smudge Fixer to push the glitter out where you want it to cover. Now, me being as impatient as I am, didn't wait quite long enough for the base color to dry. Even bearing that in mind, I really am pleased with the way it turned out. I think I would have had better results if I waited, but I really really love this mani!!

Here are some closeups:

So, as you can tell by the picks, my ring finger finally broke off to where I deemed it not worth the effort to try and fix again. At least there is a bit of free edge to it now. I just gotta make sure to keep popping the Biotin so it grows out faster!!

Here is Masquerade Ball by itself:

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great mani! I love the glitter colors in Spellbound!

  2. nice :) I love spellbound, I want it sooo bad!

  3. Thank you both! I adore this mani, like one of my top 10 favs ♥ I really wish the picks did it justice!

  4. looks great!! How in the world do you paint your nails without slopping the polish all over the place!! I always get it on my cuticles and make even more of a mess trying to clean them off!!

  5. Thanks, Angie! The trick is to use a paint brush with stiff bristles dipped pure acetone remover to clean the cuticles ☺