Saturday, October 2, 2010

My (not as great) version of Paradoxal

I really like Chanel's Paradoxal, but I saw this dupe on Lacquer Laine's blog and I wanted to give it a try before I shell out the $$ for the real thing. I didn't have the Orly color she used, so I substituted with Pure Ice's Busted.

The base is Confetti's Moonstruck, which is a smokey purple based taupe color. I used one coat of Orly's Nail Armor (love the stuff!), two coats of Moonstruck and one coat of Posh (I just replaced my Seche Vite with Posh, so hopefully it'll help with the shrinkage!).

and this is with one coat of Pure Ice Busted on top:

Unfortunately, not as close as I'd hoped, Lacquer Laine's is much nicer. I think if I found a better color to get the purple shimmer, than I'd be on to something. But for now, it's a nice way to dull the lemming ☺

Here's an updated pick of the break on the ring finger. I've been silk wrapping it and adding a layer of no-light gel overtop to keep it from breaking. So far seems to be working, but my nail beds are very curved (like a C shape) and this particular nail is much flatter than the others because the brake is right at the smile line.


  1. Love this color! I'm not familiar with the Chanel color, but this color looks beautiful to me!

  2. Thanks! I'm digging the smokey purple, its very fall to me for some reason ☺

  3. You did a nice job!

    I have paradoxal... it has a little more plum in it (depending on the light!)

    Poor nail :( I wish it a quick recovery

  4. Tasha, thanks for the tip...more purple. I need to find a good sheer purple with just the right amount of shimmer to layer over it.....I'll keep trying ☺

  5. I´ve used CND violet shimmer, maybe that´s an idea?

  6. Thanks for the suggestion, Miranda. I don't have that one, but maybe I should hunt it down...