Friday, September 3, 2010

Glitter Gal: Red Holographic Polishes

Like many, my most coveted lemming has always been a true red holographic is my absolute favorite color and an actual red (not pink) holo polish has always alluded me. I can't tell you how many failed attempts I've made at frankening a red holo....not pretty!!! ha ha.

I recently heard about Glitter Gal polishes, and they had two red holo colors listed on their website, so I decided to give them a try. I got both colors, one called simply "Red" and the other "Not Another Red". I wanted to order both because I didn't want to take a chance of one not being the true red I've been looking for.

General observations about the polish: the most noticeable thing to mention is that the bottles are SMALL. I mean like small. Look at the comparison photo:

The colors in the bottle are beautiful, like put one in the sun and I'll get all distracted staring at it :) The next thing I feel I need to mention is the price. They are $10 each and shipping registered mail to the US cost another $20. So each of the TINY bottles ended up costing me $20 far the most I've ever paid for polish up to this point.

I'll start with Not Another Red. The bottle color is a pinkish red color with a crazy pretty gold holo effect.

This is three coats by itself in shade. This is pretty true to the color, it's a pink holo, not a red.

The second color is called Red. The bottle color is a much richer red shade and the holo effect is more multi-colored. SO pretty in the sun :)

See that rainbow??? Nice! On the nail, it is a beautiful red, although I have to say it is a bit more pinkish in real life than the swatch shows:

This is simply amazing. So pretty!!!

Here are some comparisons. On the left is Not Another Red and the right is Red:



My conclusion:
I love them both, but Red is really where my heart is. I adore it. Not Another Red looks much better to me layered over a darker red color. I'd love to hear your opinions, especially if you're ever tried a Glitter Gal polish before.

Thanks for looking!


  1. ive been dyinggggg to try glitter gal. i really have been trying to get my hands on pure red and pure emerald holos. jeallllloooouuuussss! nice post!!!

  2. Thanks, Tara. I adore "Red" and the holo effect is crazy. I'd recommend Glitter Gal polishes, but I don't know if I could justify another order with the price and size issues....

  3. I really really really never wear red, don´t like it, but the color Red is actually gorgeous!! Although the price is way too high... I believe Golden Rose has a red holo as well.

  4. Hi Miranda, I don't think I've ever heard of Golden Rose, I'm gonna have to Google it! Thanks for the heads up ☺

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  6. I understand- I'm still trying to find a bigger bottle of a true holo for less than glitter gal.

    Ive tagged you with an award (seems like you have a lot of those) and you can see it here:

    Thanks for having a great blog!

  7. Thank you both for the tags, that was so sweet of you ☺

  8. So pretty.
    I love reds. :)