Thursday, March 7, 2013

Coupla random color combos

Here are two quick mani's I've been meaning to post:

The first combo here is China Glaze Grape Pop with two coats of Clarins 230 overtop. I think Grape Pop is just the right amount of bright for Clarins. Just check out the next two photos, they're both the same mani under different lighting/angles. Love!

Here's another angle, can you even believe it's the same mani?

The 2nd mani I wanted to show off is from a mini set of polishes I picked up at Sally's. The package says it's Color Club Winter Affair scented polish, but they are all un-named. It came with four colors, a blue, red and green with a multi colored flakie. Looking online, the flakie is called Snow-Flakes. What a great name!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, March 4, 2013

More layers please!

I am all about layering polishes lately, it seems like I'm never satisfied with just a nice cream anymore, I need shimmer or glitter to make me happy. I ADORE Germanicure by OPI, in fact, it's one of my favorite polishes, but I still felt the need to add some umph to it. Even though I wanted it give it a kick, I didn't want to totally distract from the awesomeness that is GBO, so I decided to add a layer of Pure Ice Heartbreaker....and wow! That did it, the perfect amount of umph. Check it out:

At certain angles, there is a hint of blue, and of course the signature green shimmer from Heartbreaker. ♥

Ok, so what do you think of the pairing? I say its a major WIN! LOL.

Thanks for looking!