Sunday, February 10, 2013

I like it, it has layers!

Ha ha, has anyone seen 7 Psychopaths? If so, I'm sure you recognize the name of the post. I adore Christopher Walken and I adore today's mani. It sort of happened by mistake, but sometimes my unintended experiments really work out for the best. LOL. This is a mixture of China Glaze Grape Pop, Pure Ice Heart Breaker and Color Club Snow Flakes. ♥

Here's a closeup. Grape Pop starts off with a nice base, but the addition of Heart Breaker makes it lend more towards a blue color. Topping that you get the colors of gold, green and yellow from Snow Flakes, while at the same time, the shimmer from Heart Breaker peeks through. This really is a very pretty mix and a new favorite. I'll be wearing this combo intentionally next time ;-)

Thanks for looking!