Friday, January 27, 2012

Super Clearance!

I love a good deal, especially on polish. I found this color just sitting on an end cap at Meijer and picked it up. When I read the name, Snowed-In, I knew it was from the Christmas I took it over to the bar code scanner and it rang up for..... 29 cents! Woo! Sold! I also got Orna-mint for the same price. Not bad!

What a cool color, huh? I decided to try and layer Revlon Whimsical over top a darker blue (since I don't have any light ones) and I did not love the look. I also layered Sally Hansen Glass Slipper over the other nails and I do like that combo. Too bad I ruined the ring finger with Whimsical, cuz I would have worn the heck out of the Glass Slipper combo.

Thanks for looking!

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