Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wet n Wild Fastdry: Tangled in My Web

I SOOOOO love today's mani! The base color is Sally Hansen's Skeleton and it's topped with.....Tangled in My Web. I finally got a hold of it after a wonderful gal from the nail bord swapped with me ♥♥♥

Skeleton is an amazing color itself, it's a milky white base with opalescent glitter. It actually looks like an opal. I added one layer of TIMW overtop and perfection. I love the black and white combo and I'm so into black glitter right now. A perfect Halloween mani.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love it, I have tangled in my web, still trying to figure out some type of combo for it

  2. Where, oh where did you get that Sally Hansen Skeleton?!? I absolutely ADORE it and must have it. Is it still available?

  3. Polish AMOR: thank you!

    Teddi: try it over a gray ♥

    CdnGrrl: I found mine at the Dollar Tree....

  4. How did I miss out on that Sally Hansen polish? This is a great mani@