Saturday, March 5, 2011

Catherine Arley holos: 805, 806

I can't say I'm disappointed in 805, but I wish it had more holo to it. Now I really want My Private Jet!!! But until I get it, this one will help kill the lemming. It is a fun color, just the holo effect isn't that strong:

daylight, no sun:

What a unique color, I don't think I've seen another orange holo before. Like 805, the holo effect is not that strong:

daylight, no sun:

These are the last two CA's I have, so holo week is officially over.

Thanks for looking!


  1. The black is awesome!!
    I want it!

  2. Thanks, it is pretty! I just wish it had a tad more holo to it ☺

  3. Hii Sorry about my earlier comment..I just saw you too ordered from the same online distributor BeautyCosmetic.Biz.

    I have already placed an order with them but I am not able to pay for them.

    I wanted to know:
    1) How did you pay for yours? (hopefully PayPal)
    2) How much was shipping to US? ( I am in Canada)

    I could be having problems as a lot of people said they no longer do international shipping.

    *fingers crossed* you will reply and that they stil ship to North America.

  4. Hi Uarenotspecial,
    I bought 14 polishes and paid $38.19 US dollars if that helps. I did pay via Paypal. Good luck, I hope your's arrives ok. Mine did, it just took a month.