Saturday, March 13, 2010

Orly: Glam Rock + Fauxnad

So, I just ordered from two different online vendors and I have to rave.

First one was:
I ordered some nail tips for popsicle stick swatches, Orly Glam Rock and Orly Smudge Fixer. I plan on using the SF to attempt my 1st gradient soon. Yikes! I ordered on Monday, and had the package by Thursday. Shipping was only $8.50 and the package was sent via Fed Ex.

The 2nd vendor was:
I ordered two large Fauxnad plates and two small ones. The plates + shipping from France to Michigan was $32 (approx total of $8 per plate). It took about 3 weeks to arrive. I emailed one time for a status update and got an immediate answer. The quality of the plates are great.

So here is my NOTD. I saw this on Scrangie's blog ( and thought to myself that I MUST own this! LOL.

It's an awesome copper colored matte polish. Now this is only the 3rd Orly polish I own and I have to say I need more. I love them! But I seem to have a hard time choosing a color when looking at them. Hmm.

Here is plate H22. I used the full nail image directly in the middle and added a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic:

I love it ♥

Thanks for looking!


  1. Really nice. I have some fauxnads and have more coming.
    Fun isn't it. This is really nice,

  2. I only have the 4 plates, but I think need more! LOL. Konading is addicting!

  3. :) Yup they are fun. I just got my EXTRA 21 yesterday. Like I needed more. LOL.
    You can get the 21 Fauxnads on Amazon through BundleMonster for only $17.99 free ship. :)